This is where all sorts of articles from our members are now available for visitors to this website.

We have an article on a lady buried in a CWGC cemetery in Salonika and who has been researched by one, Caroline.  So, how did this lady come to be there?    See A lady in Salonika.

We have updates from Steve and Nancy Binks on their longterm project to visit and say "thank you" to all British graves and memorials on the Western Front.  The latest one is for April 2017. They are now back from their adventures.  See The Pilgrimage.

See also the article on Frongoch camp near Bala where Irish prisoners were held after the 1916 Rising under "Local History".

We now have articles from Anne Pedley on Welsh poet Hedd Wynn and the Irish poet Francis Ledwidge who were both killed at Passchendaele and are buried at Artillery Wood CWGC cemetery, under Local History - Hedd Wynn article and Francis Ledwidge article.

There is a write-up of a talk given by Trevor Adams and Denis McCarthy on the Easter Rising and the WWI context - see here

We have an article on the bizarre and unknown story of Austrian and German prisoners in Siberia, featuring the road built by the Austrians from Kazakhstan to China - the Austrian road

The latest is an article of Brigadier General Gordon Shephard and his Irish and British adventures - Gordon Shephard