Here is Bridget's article about Bangor Sailor's Institute War Memorial:

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The Sailors Institute – Hirael –In Memoriam. The following Members of this Institute

gave their lives for their Country in the Great War, 1914 – 1918.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” St. John XI.13.

Richard Edwards, R.W.F. Hugh Harris Williams, Lab.Batt.

John Arthur Edwards, R.W.F. Owen Williams, R.W.F.

William Hughes, R.W.F. Owen Owens, S.S. Steward Princess.

Albert Jones, R.W.F. Llewelyn Evans, R.W.F.

Ebenezer Jones, R.N. Willie Pritchard, R.G.A.

Richard Jones, R.N. William Hugh Jones, R.W.F.

Aaron Jones, R.G.A. Hugh Jones, R.W.F.

Thomas Jones, R.W.F. Hugh William Davies, D.L.I.

Fred Parry, R.W.F. Samuel M. Williams, R.E.

Thomas Prytherch, R.W.F. Capt. George Griffiths, “Daisy”.

Ben. Roberts, R.W.F. Thomas Owen, R.E.

Walter Seaman, A.S.C. Thomas J. Williams, S.S. “Algiers”

May they rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon them

The war memorial plaque, in slate, is on the outside of the above building on a quayside from which Bethesda slate was shipped all over the world

Summary of those remembered on the Bangor Sailors’ Institute War Memorial:

1 Richard Edwards, R.W.F.

Private R Edwards – Service No 55339 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 14th Bn. – Died 24 February 1917 – Age 28 years old – Buried Bard Cottage Cemetery, Belgium

Son of David and Mary Ann Edwards, of 34, Fountain St., Hirael, Bangor.

2 John Arthur Edwards, R.W.F.

Private J A Edwards – Service No 45704 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 19th Bn. – Died 24th November 1917 – Age 23 – Buried at Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Edwards, 4 Tai’r Mynydd, Bangor

3 William Hughes, R.W.F.

Private W Hughes – Service No 54833 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 13th Bn. – Died 07 November 1918 – Age 29 years old – Buried at Dourlers Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Son of Joshua and Ellen Hughes, of Bangor; husband of Bessie Hughes, of 1, Beach Rd., Bangor

4 Albert Jones, R.W.F.

Private Albert Jones – Service No 53805 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Bn. – Died 01 October 1917 – Age 23 years old – Buried at Buttes New British Cemetery, Polygon Wood, Belgium

Son of John Meurig Jones and Ellen Jones, of 24, Fair View Rd., Bangor

5 Ebenezer Jones, R.N.

Leading Seaman Ebenezer Jones – Service No 1449C – Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. “Invincible” – Died 31 May 1916 – Age 40 years old – Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial UK

Son of John and Elizabeth Jones, of 24, Water St., Hirael, Bangor; husband of Elizabeth Jones, of 63, Fountain St., Hirael, Bangor

6 Richard Jones, R.N.

Deckhand Richard Jones – Service No 12889DA – Royal Naval Reserve H.M. Drifter “Deliverer” – Died 03 November 1917 – Age 40 years old – Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial UK

Son of Edward and Elizabeth Jones, of 2, Water St., Hirael; husband of Elizabeth Jones, of 48, Fountain St., Hirael, Bangor. Awarded Royal Humane Society’s Bronze Medal for saving life at sea.

7 Aaron Jones, R.G.A.

Serjeant Aaron Jones – Service No 310210 – Royal Garrison Artillery 1st/1st Welch Heavy Bty. – Died 31 October 1918 – Age 34 years old – Buried Thiant Communal Cemetery, France

In Memory of the beloved son of John & Elizabeth Jones 24 Water St., Bangor, N.W.

8 Thomas Jones, R.W.F. (is this the right man?)

Gunner Thomas Jones – Service No 188952 – Royal Field Artillery “C” Bty. 56th Bde. – Died 03 October 1917 – Age 32 years old – Buried at Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, Belgium

Son of Richard and Mary Jones. Native of Bangor, Carnarvonshire

9 Fred Parry, R.W.F.

Not found as military casualty; found in Census (below), reference in local paper & Cofeb y Dewrion

Census 1911 – 12 Strand Street, Bangor (4 rooms) – Harriet Parry Head (Wife), Age 39, Married, 18 years, 2 children born, 2 children alive, Born Madras India, British Subject, Speaks English (& children) // Frederick W. Parry, Son, Age 14, Apprentice Sailmaker, Born Calcutta India, British Subject

10 Thomas Prytherch, R.W.F.

Private T R Prytherch – Service No 20689 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Bn. – Died 17 July 1917 – Buried Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq – Son of the late John and Elizabeth Prytherch, of Hirael, Bangor, Carnarvon.

In loving memory of Thomas son of late John & E. Prytherch 13, Mason St., Bangor, N.W.

11 Ben Roberts, R.W.F.

Private B Roberts – Service No 204316 – Regiment: Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17th Bn. – Died: 4 November 1918 – Age 39 yrs – Buried Englefontaine British Cemetery, France – Born at Llandegai, Carnarvonshire.

Son of J. T. and A. Roberts; husband of Hannah Roberts, of 18, Hughes St., Hirael, Bangor, Carnarvonshire

12 Walter Seaman, A.S.C.

Private W Seaman – Service No M2/053257 – Regiment: Army Service Corps 621st H.T. Coy. Southport – Died: 25 December 1916 – Age 41 yrs – Buried Norwich Cemetery, Norfolk, UK

Husband of Agnes Seaman, of 14, Strand St., Bangor, Carnarvonshire

13 Hugh Harris Williams, Lab.Batt.

Private Hugh Harris Williams – Service No 70621 – The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 13th Bn. – Died 14 May 1917 – Age 34 years old – Buried Bangor (Glanadda) Cemetery UK

Son of William and Elizabeth Williams, of 10, Strand St., Bangor.

14 Owen Williams, R.W.F.

Private Owen Williams – Service No 204089 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 16th Bn. – Died 03 May 1918 – Age 33 years old – Buried St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, France

Son of Mary Williams, of 34, Tan-y-Bwlch Rd., Llanllechid, Bangor, Carnarvonshire.

15 Owen Owens, S.S. Steward Princess.

Fireman Owen Owen – Mercantile Marine S.S. “Stuart Prince” (Newcastle) – Died 22 March 1917 – Age 32 years old – Commemorated Tower Hill Memorial, UK – Son of William and Amy Owen, of 61, Ambrose St., Bangor, Carnarvonshire; husband of Ellen Owen, of 29, Dock Rd., Garston, Liverpool. Born at Bangor

16 Llewelyn Evans, R.W.F.

Private Llewelyn Evans – 28998 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. – Died 12 July 1918 – Age 24 years old – Buried Martinsart British Cemetery, France – Son of William and Amy Owen, of 61, Ambrose St., Bangor, Carnarvonshire – Epitaph submitted by Mr. W. L. Evans, Glam-y-Dou (Glan-y-Don), Beach Road, Bangor, N. Wales

17 Willie Pritchard, R.G.A.

Driver William Pritchard – 310039 – Royal Garrison Artillery 1st/1st (Welsh) Carnarvon Heavy Bty. – Died 25 June 1917 – Age 22 years old – Buried Fosse No. 10 Communal cemetery Extension, Sains-En-Gohelle, France – Son of Henry and Mary A. Pritchard of 43, Orme Rd., Bangor.

18 William Hugh Jones, R.W.F.

Serjeant William Hughes Jones – Service No 265821 – Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st/6th Bn. – Died 06 November 1917 – Age 34 years old – Buried Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel and Palestine (including Gaza) – Son of Elizabeth Jones, of 49, Ambrose St., Hirael, Bangor.

19 Hugh Jones, R.W.F.

Private Hugh Jones – Service No G/13356 – Queen’s Own (royal West Kent Regimet) 7th Bn., Died 20 September 1917 – Age 28 – Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium – Son of the late Hugh and Ellen Jones

NWC 09.03.1917 pg 8 – news has been received by Mrs Jones, 27, Tabernacle-street, that her son, Private Hugh Jones, R.W.F., formerly gardener at Derwen Deg, Upper Bangor, is in hospital in Kent suffering from wounds received in action.

(NWC 23.03.1917, pg 8 – City News. - Military News. - Company-quartermaster-Sergeant J. Parry Jones, 27, Tabernacle-street, has been recognised for conspicuous gallantry in Mametz Wood.)

20 Hugh William Davies, D.L.I.

Not yet found as a military casualty; found on History Points

Cofeb pg 45 – Bachgen ieuanc a hoffus oedd Hugh i Mr, a Mrs. Hugh Davies, 42 Fountain Street, Bangor. Gyda'r Durham Light Infantry yr ymunodd ef Awst 10, 1917, ac aeth allan Ion.7, 1918. Mawrth 23ain, fe'i cymerwyd yn garcharor gan y gelynion. Nid oedd y cyfalll hwn ond 19 mlwydd oed

Hugh was the young, likeable son of Mr & Mrs Hugh Davies, 42 Fountain View, Bangor. He joined the Durham Light Infantry on Aug 10th 1917 and he went out on Jan 7th 1918. On March 23rd he was taken prisoner by the enemy. This young friend was only 19 years old.

21 Samuel M. Williams, R.E.

Sapper Sam Marshall Williams – Service No 181935 – Royal Engineers 2nd Wireless Signal Coy. - Died Sunday 13 October 1918 – Age 22 years – Buried Tehran War Cemetery

Epitaph submitted by ‘Mr. W. Williams, 65, Orme Road, Bangor, North Wales.’

22 Capt. George Griffiths, “Daisy”.

Not found as a military casualty

History Points – George Griffith, Captain. Died 08/03/1920 aged 43. Mercantile Marine – SS Daisy. Buried at Bangor (Glanadda) Cemetery.

Son of George and Ann Griffith, of Bangor; husband of Ellen Griffith, of 1 Fountain Street. His ship was attacked in November 1918; he died as a result of that attack. Left three children.

23 Thomas Owen, R.E.

Lance Corporal Thomas Owen – Service No 154003 – Royal Engineers “Q” Special Coy. - Died 10 August 1918 – Age 35 years – Buried Bienvillers Military Cemetery, France - Killed in action 19th Aug., 1918

Son of Owen and Eliza Owen - Request for epitaph to ‘Mr. O. J. Owen, Penrallt Lodge, Bangor, S. Wales.’

24 Thomas J. Williams, S.S. “Algiers”

Donkeyman Thomas Jones Williams – Mercantile Marine – S.S. “Algiers” (London) – Died 26 February 1917 – Age 43 – Commemorated Tower Hill Memorial, UK

Son of the late Thomas and Jane Williams; husband of Mary Williams (née Prytharch), of 30, Foundry St., Bangor, Carnarvonshire. Born at Glanconwy